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Communication Management

Harley House Consultants Inc. has been helping public, not-for-profit and private sector organizations solve their communications management challenges for over three decades.

We apply our unparalleled expertise, experience and effectiveness to assist you:

  • Build Relationships that underpin the growth of your operations,

  • Develop communications management structures, plans, approaches and procedures that lead to success,

  • Capitalize on the potential of your people,

  • Take a truly strategic approach to your decisions and your work.

Relationship Centered Model

There are six key relationships that every organization, (whether they are a private sector firm, a public institution, or a not for profit organization) should focus on. Managing these six relationships can be compared to a juggler keeping six balls in the air at once.  If you focused too much on one, chances are you will drop one or more of the other balls and the whole act will fail.

Change Management

Managing change is difficult. It is hard to change the way you work and modify familiar processes to suit new needs and goals. Change can only be productive if the transition is successful. And to be successful, change needs to be properly integrated into the change initiative at the outset.


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