There are six key relationships that every organization, (whether they are a private sector firm, a public institution, or a not for profit organization) should focus on. Managing these six relationships can be compared to a juggler keeping six balls in the air at once.  If you focused too much on one, chances are you will drop one or more of the other balls and the whole act will fail.

Media Relations


Media relations refers to the relationship that an organization develops with media representatives to gather and distribute information. It involves working directly with reporters, as well as persons responsible for the editorial (news and features), public service and sponsorship programming products of the media.

Investor Relations


Investor relations are the activities through which an organization consciously builds relationships with current and potential investors, funding bodies, financial analysts and the media to ensure it has not only their confidence, but access to all the funds it requires at the most favourable rate and lowest fees.

Employee Relations


Employee relations involve practices that impact the management and regulation of relationships between the organization, individual staff members, and groups of individuals within the organization.

Community Relations


Community relations involve establishing a two-way rapport with the community, raising and maintaining the organization's public profile and ensuring broad public input into the decision-making process to build buy-in and support for decisions made.

Government Relations


Government relations is the systematic effort to influence the actions and policies of government to help achieve objectives or protect interests in a way that reflects well on the organization and the decision-makers involved.

Client Relations


Client relations are the interactions that an organization has with its clients/users and how it engages with them to solicit feedback, provide information, consult and collaborate. A client is an individual, company or organization that is a recipient of a product, service or program.

The 6 Relationships of Highly Effective Organizations

The 6 Relationships of Highly Effective Organizations

The 6 Relationships of Highly Effective Organizations is an easy to read “How To” outline of how to harness and integrate the varied and far-reaching relationships in an organization in order to maximize its long-term success and growth.

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How Does Your Organization Fair in Relationship Management?

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