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Getting the people, processes, approaches and information in place to succeed in the field of communications has never been more challenging. Harley House Consultants can help make it happen.

Communications Training
Harley House brings communications training to your workplace with a range of group courses designed to help your employees succeed. Whether through classic group training or through our unique Integrated Learning Approach we offer high-impact training that results in immediate and tangible results for your organization.

Change Management

We adopt a comprehensive, cyclical and structured approach to prepare, support and help individuals, teams and organizations transition from a current state to a future state with intended results and outcomes.

Performance Measurement

Years of experience in communications performance measurement and up-to-date knowledge of current challenges and practices in government allow Harley House to help you develop powerful performance measurement frameworks and programs. Using the Harley House Communications Review Framework, we build practical measurement programs that target priorities and get to the root issues surrounding success and client satisfaction.

Public Engagement and Relationship Management

Using it’s Relationship Centered Model, Harley House brings its extensive experience to bear in understanding, building and rehabilitating relationships with key client, media, investor, employee community and government stakeholders.

Audits and Organizational Studies

Ensure you are maximizing service delivery AND efficiency through a targeted organizational study of your communications shop, its structures or procedures. Now more than ever communications groups must get the most out of their resources and change with the times. Harley House Consultants has the expertise and hands-on experience to make Audits and Organizational studies work for you.

Strategic Planning

Tune up your alignment with departmental and government-wide priorities through one of several Harley House planning services:

  • Strategic corporate plans

  • Communications plans and strategies

  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions

  • Work plans

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Relationship Centered Model

Please go to www.RelationshipCenteredModel.com to learn more about the six relationships of highly effective organizations.

At Harley House Consultants Inc. we help our clients manage internal and external relationships with key stakeholder groups to ensure the long-term success and effectiveness of the organization.

Relationship Centered Model
The Six Relationships of Highly Effective Organizations

Government Relations

Government RelationsGovernment relations is the systematic effort to influence the actions and policies of government to help achieve objectives or protect interests in a way that reflects well on the organization and the decision-makers involved.

Community Relations

Community RelationsCommunity relations involve establishing a two-way rapport with the community, raising and maintaining the organization's public profile and ensuring broad public input into the decision-making process to build buy-in and support for decisions made.

Employee Relations

Employee RelationsEmployee relations involve practices that impact the management and regulation of relationships between the organization, individual staff members, and groups of individuals within the organization.

Investor Relations

Investor RelationsInvestor relations are the activities through which an organization consciously builds relationships with current and potential investors, funding bodies, financial analysts and the media to ensure it has not only their confidence, but access to all the funds it requires at the most favourable rate and lowest fees.

Media Relations

Media RelationsMedia relations refers to the relationship that an organization develops with media representatives to gather and distribute information. It involves working directly with reporters, as well as persons responsible for the editorial (news and features), public service and sponsorship programming products of the media.

Client Relations

Client RelationsClient relations are the interactions that an organization has with its clients/users and how it engages with them to solicit feedback, provide information, consult and collaborate. A client is an individual, company or organization that is a recipient of a product, service or program.

Relationship Centered Model Services

Audits and Evaluations
We conduct audits and evaluations of the organizations' relationships to determine if the organization has a clear sense of who their key stakeholder groups are, how various stakeholders perceive the organization, and how economical, efficient and effective are stakeholder engagement programs and activities?

We develop and deliver customized training programs for organizations to improve the effectiveness of their engagement with key stakeholder groups. We also provide syndicated training programs for Client, Media, Investor, Employee, Community and Government Relations

Policy & Procedures
We prepare policies and procedures to ensure that the organization has processes in place to maximize the effectiveness of its engagement activities. Customized Policy and Procedures Manuals provide guidelines, checklists and examples that are tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients. Each manual is drafted in a user-friendly format for ease of use and quick reference.

We employ a series of primary and secondary data tracking tools aimed at helping organizations keep a finger on the pulse of what stakeholder groups are saying and thinking about the organization. We can develop and implement customized tools for clients, employ standard tools, or train staff on how to implement, analyze and report on ongoing tracking tools such as Employee, Management Team, Client and Community Surveys, Stakeholder Group Monitoring, Social and Traditional Media Monitoring and Analysis, as well as Public Enquiry Tracking.

We work with our clients and their management teams to ensure that their organizations are effectively adopting the Relationship Centered Model concept in order to maximize the effectiveness of their engagement activities. This includes the provision of training services, providing guidance and assistance in the implementation of policies and procedures, attending management meetings and assisting in the development of management action plans.

Please go to www.RelationshipCenteredModel.com to learn more about the six relationships of highly effective organizations.

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