Client relations are the interactions that an organization has with its clients/users and how it engages with them to solicit feedback, provide information, consult and collaborate. A client is an individual, company or organization that is a recipient of a product, service or program.


Client relations and development should be every organization's first order of business. Many organizations fail to maintain proper visibility with their clients, while some organizations tend to focus too much on existing clients, and fail to identify and develop new clients, which severely hampers growth.

Client Relations is the cornerstone upon which many organizations are built. Whether your motto is "Service is our middle name" or "Never satisfied until you are", most organizations fail to walk the talk.

As organizations grow, it is increasingly difficult to ensure that the organization stays client-focused.

To assist organizations stay client focused, many firms are conducting client satisfaction surveys to determine and track the awareness, utilization and satisfaction with the organizations products and services.

While financial statements may serve an organization as a business thermometer by telling you the current health of the organization, client satisfaction tracking surveys act as a business barometer, in that they tell you what is coming.

Other Client relations activities include:

  • Establishing a contact management system
  • Tracking sales figures by sector and product line
  • Conducting post project reviews
  • Developing an organization newsletter
  • Building and maintaining an organization website
  • Establishing a social media strategy

Many management teams question the amount of time and effort that these activities take. However, what they originally think is going to be a paperwork exercise has proven valuable in mining existing clients for more work. It also demonstrates to clients how important they are.

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