making communicators better managers -
making managers better communicators

Harley House brings communications training to your workplace and online with a range of group courses designed to help your employees succeed. Whether through traditional classroom group training, on-line course delivery or through our unique Integrated Learning Approach we offer high-impact training that results in immediate and tangible results for your organization. For a detailed description and outline of each one-day communications training course, please click on the links below.

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Participants are introduced to the 5-step Communications Management Process. The Communications Management Process ensures that the communications output or strategy is based on solid research and stays on track throughout the planning, development and delivery stages, and that adjustments can be made to existing campaigns.

The one-day course is a blend of classic strategic communications theory with information and approaches to deal with current challenges and communications opportunities. Through six fast-paced sessions, participants help define what “strategic communications” means in today’s context, look at the thinking process behind it, and learn how government departments are applying fresh and innovative approaches to current communications challenges through strategic initiatives and thinking.

This program introduces participants to a systematic and pragmatic approach to benchmarking and monitoring the public environment. During the training session emphasis is placed on the design and pre-testing of actual PEA tools.

New digital technologies have revolutionized our access to data on the communications habits of Canadians. But how do we use that information to create success for our communications programs and generate new and innovative methods of to build our relationships with audience groups? This course teaches participants how to harness the power of performance information and turn it into more effective, innovative communications plans for the future.

This program introduces participants to a wide range of primary and secondary research tools that can be used by communicators to measure internal and external client satisfaction with communications outputs and services.

The impact that effective employee communications has on organizational success is rarely fully appreciated. Motivated, informed and involved employees impact the achievement of departmental goals and objectives every minute of every working day. This course runs the gamut of factors, planning approaches and tools that can turn your employees into one of your greatest corporate assets.

Considerable time is invested in formulating and obtaining approval of key messages for communications strategies and products (speeches, news releases, advertising, print and electronic media). This fun and dynamic course is designed to assist participants in developing messages that stick with the target audience and senior managers/central agencies.

The management of issues and crisis should be a partnership between Ministers Offices, communications shops, program areas and regional offices in order to identify, monitor, prioritize and address emerging situations to allow the organization to respond quickly and effectively to emerging issues and crisis situations. This course offers participants the basics in identifying, preventing, and controlling issue and crisis situations. Crisis management basics, from preparation to training and compliance are discussed, as are various stages of a crisis, and the need to establish a crisis management team.

This one-day program explores how to design a Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy that is fully integrated into an organizations Change Management initiative. The plan provides a detailed breakdown of the communications and engagement activities to be performed throughout the change initiative.

The course examines in detail the six key relationships that every organization should focus on. Participants will be introduced to strategies to identify, assess and prioritize risks that exist with key stakeholder groups and formulate plans to minimize, monitor and control the variables that have a major influence on the success organizations.

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